SHREERAM GEO PRIVATE LIMITED is a competent and reliable partner for your mining operation. We cover virtually surface mining, for a great variety of commodities. Every year, we complete a multitude of mine design assignments as part of scoping, prefeasibility and feasibility studies. In addition to that, we also offer detailed mine design post feasibility study and planning for optimizing mining processes and operations.


We assist you in setting up a strategic plan to manage your resources and define your objectives for your mining operation. Our mining engineers support you with locating and evaluating promising deposits.

SHREERAM GEO PRIVATE LIMITED approach always focuses on understanding the complete mining context and characteristics of the mineral deposit. This allows us to recognize and address the specific constraints of each mining project.

Our Mine Planning & Design Services at a Glance :

Open-pit mine planning

SHREERAM GEO PRIVATE LIMITED offers support all along the planning process to create the perfect solution for your mining operation. Our experts skilled in engineering, geology are at your disposal for finding the best plan for your mineral resources.

Mine method selection

Mining equipment design

Equipment selection & logistics

We offer comprehensive mine planning services to clients in the mining industry. Our team of experienced mining engineers and geologists work closely with our clients to develop customized mine plans that meet their unique needs and objectives.
Our mine planning services typically include the following steps:
  • Scoping: We begin by scoping the project to gain a clear understanding of our client's requirements, including their production targets, ore grades, and infrastructure needs.

  • Resource Estimation: We then use advanced modeling and simulation tools to estimate the quantity and quality of mineral resources available at the site.

  • Design and Layout: Based on the resource estimates, we develop detailed mine designs and layouts that optimize production while minimizing costs.

  • Scheduling: We then develop a production schedule that outlines the timing and sequence of mining operations, taking into account factors such as equipment availability, workforce constraints, and environmental regulations.

  • Environmental and Safety Considerations: We incorporate environmental and safety considerations throughout the planning process, ensuring that all operations are carried out in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

  • Financial Analysis: We also provide financial analysis to help our clients understand the costs and benefits of different mining scenarios, allowing them to make informed decisions about their operations.