SHREERAM GEO PRIVATE LIMITED is a competent and reliable partner for Hydrogeological data of Exploration Block as well as buffer zone for underground and opencast mining areas.

we understand the critical role that hydrogeology plays in the mining industry. That's why we offer a range of hydrogeology services to help our clients manage their water resources during mining operations.

We also provide:

  • Details on drainage pattern & Rainfall in the area.
  • Rate of Recharge and Discharge of underground & surface water.
  • Demarcation of Aquifer Zone.
  • Estimation of pumping requirement in mines.
  • Analysis of Ground Water quality.
  • Effect of water recharge on mining and that of vice-versa.
  • Long term Ground water modeling.

Our Hydrogeology Services include:

  • Groundwater Modeling: We use advanced groundwater modeling software to simulate and analyze groundwater flow and transport, helping our clients better understand the water resources at the site and develop effective water management strategies.
  • Pumping Test Analysis: We conduct pumping tests to evaluate the hydraulic properties of the aquifers and provide information about the potential yield of the groundwater.
  • Water Resource Management: We develop strategies for managing water resources during mining operations, including the design and implementation of groundwater monitoring programs, dewatering systems, and water treatment facilities.
  • Environmental Assessments: We conduct environmental assessments to identify potential impacts of mining operations on the water resources and develop strategies to mitigate those impacts.
  • Regulatory Compliance: We assist our clients in navigating the complex regulatory requirements related to water resources management and compliance.